Fairy & The River Teeth

First solo collection made for Sonospace has particular imaginative atmosphere, created through an attempt to produce organic integration of field recordings and instrumental improvisation. The author builds fractal structures with the sounds from her immediate surrounding and amplifies their original information through careful processing, intuitive composing and concept.

The collection has rather eclectic tone and deals with emotional states of isolation and mental claustrophobia building the almost dystopian escapes with ambient textures and unusual instrumental lyricism. The overall sound is characterised by multidimensional listening and detailed approach to the spatial dimension of it.

All field recordings, including hydrophone recordings and improvisational sequences are recorded and played by me. I located different aural contexts on the island of Korčula in South Croatia and forests outside of Belgrade in Serbia, and recorded underwater Neretva river in Bosnia. Also, performed unusual treatment of the instruments such are balalaika, bass guitar, violin, piano, zither or sound objects such are vases, cans, pencils, magnets, teapot and an espresso coffeepot.

January 31st 2018